Mar 20, 2015

Hotel Okura, Tokyo

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Located in Toranomon, the Okura is an extraordinary testament to a key moment in Japanese design. It was built two years ahead of the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 – with an annexe added in 1973 – by an exceptionally gifted and diverse group that included the architects Yoshiro Taniguchi and Hideo Kosaka, the folk artist Shiko Munakata and the potter Kenkichi Tomimoto. Together they created a unique modern design that referenced the traditional colours, shapes and crafts of Japan.

In September 2015 the best bit of the most loved hotel in Tokyo will be torn down by its owners to make way for a 38-storey glass tower. It will be a heartbreaking and irreparable loss. You can support this cause at Save The Okura.

Hotel Okura, Tokyo
Yoshiro Taniguchi, Hideo Kosaka, Shiko Munakata and Kenkichi Tomimoto



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